Wednesday, 21 January 2015

10 reasons why people hate school

Hello internet

To day i'm gunna do 10 reasons why...people hate school (btw going to be short answers)

 1. wtf is up with some teachers, their like...Bring your maths book in next week with you. When your in what the hell.

2. Girls, A lot of girls hit you with their handbags,books and hair...and the annoying voice they have that makes your cringe...And the fact that they love one direction when clearly they are the worlds most crappiest band and the most gay.
3.the fact that you get so much homework...on the first week!!! Like wtf bitches.
4. Teachers don't care if you get bullied or beaten up, for me its annoying girls are girly boys are a goth...damn it! 😈 get squished in the corridors...if the teachers say they know it then they should bloody deal with it!
6.annoying clingy girls, go away...everyone hates you except yourself, even your parents probly hate you.
7. That school starts so early in the morning,like everyone is a zombie at 6am and we are expected to work straight away. have to pay for the school bus, its supposed to be free to get to school in not everyone can afford it. cant take your jumpers off its like hell in the summer and they are so itchy.
10. That fact that have detention for forgetting your homework and you promise to give It In the day.

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