Sunday, 25 January 2015

awesome music

hello internet

today I'm going to talk :D

My favourite bands are black veil brides, bring me the horizon,falling in reverse, nirvana,the cure,muse and Marilyn manson.

muse: Actually started me to like loud outrageous music :) thanks to them they have made me the person I am today.
nirvana: I started to listen to nirvana when I was 6 I was getting hooked to the music and started listening to more heavy metal bands.
the cure: I'm amazes but my mum actually introduced them to me when I was 8, I kinda fell in love with the music :)
Marilyn Manson: The first song I listened to by Manson was tainted love, then personal Jesus, I started to love the music, I ends up sketching Manson getting high marks but alot or haters, but I have to say Manson is my fav band along with black veil brides.
falling in reverse: I don't know how I found out about them, but I think it was because of how cool the logo looked to me :) but i love there album fashionably late.
black veil brides: I loved black veil brides soon as the intro of the first song I listened to by them which was heart of fire, I've loved every song by them ever since. :D I recommend them to you guys :)
bring me the horizon: I discovered them by danisnotonfire and amazing Phil when I watched then play would you rather with Oliver Sykes, I found out he was in bmth, I loved can feel my heart which was then first song I listened to by them, I've loved them ever since :) I've also found there music photogenic I'm always sketching about there music.

I hope you guys like one of these bands :) leave in the comments who's ur fav band and why

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